What is a Keynote?

Terms such as Speech, workshop, Seminar and keynote can be interchangeable, but may not be what the organization really wants or needs.

Ask yourself “Why I’m’ I looking for a keynote speaking?

“If your team could somehow magically change overnight, what is it that you‘d want them to know, say, or do differently?”

Know Your Primary Purpose

Are you looking for “an instructional speech” a motivational speech, or is the main purpose is for the attendees to be laughing and enjoying themselves: an entertaining speech.

What exactly is a Keynote Speech?

A True Keynote speech is a motivational speech that sets the overall tone and context for the event. It can be at the being of any event middle or at the end, then it either continues the conversation or wrap up the event.

Of course, all presentations require the speaker to focus on the audience, but a successful keynote requires an even bigger emphasis. In order to motivate change – the speaker must first genuinely connect with the attendees. Without a sold connection, it is impossible to inspire attendees to take action.

And just like any situation, solid connections are making by sharing and expressing common ground. The problem is speeches are mostly one-way conversations, so the speaker must get to know the audience ahead of time in order to incorporate appropriate connection references into the speech.

Keynote Topics

  1. Art
  2. Astronomy Excursions
  3. Brain Gym
  4. Business
  5. Children
  6. Conflict Management
  7. Cooking Demonstration
  8. Culture & Diversity
  9. Economy
  10. Entertainment & Humour
  11. Environment
  12. Experiences
  13. Faith & Religion
  14. Finance
  15. Financial Literacy
  16. Fitness / Nutrition
  17. Future Trends
  18. Health
  19. Health & Safety
  20. Innovation
  21. Just for Fun
  22. Languages (Accents)
  23. Leadership
  24. Magician
  25. Management
  26. Media & Current Events
  27. Men Only
  28. Motivation
  29. Personal Growth
  30. Relationships
  31. Social Media
  32. Sports
  33. Stage Hypnotists
  34. Stress Management
  35. Teams
  36. Technical
  37. Travel
  38. Wellness
  39. Women Only
  40. Workshops/Speakers in French
  41. World Events

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Business Planning

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