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Pull Your Team Out of the Struggle…

Mitigate risk of burnout and team turnover with my proven problem-solving framework.

If you have an audience of high-achievers who are stressed, juggle multiple priorities and are exhausted from having to be resilient, then it’s time to explore my game-changing frameworks.

Allison Graham inspires and empowers better problem solving to increase resilience, productivity and happiness while minimizing destructive stress, burnout and team turnover. Driven by her belief that most negative stress is unnecessary, she shares her signature concepts that go deeper than Band-Aid approaches to stress management.

Speaking professionally since 2006, Allison engages even the most discerning audiences with her conversational presentation style. Whether the message is delivered on-site or virtually, expect her to deliver inspirational, thought-provoking concepts mixed with actionable, practical insights that will resonate.

Prior to launching her consulting and speaking practice, Allison worked as an executive director of a mental health organization, as a newspaper columnist and an avid volunteer serving on various non-profit boards.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes she was struggling with chronic nerve pain, grief and a whole host of other challenges that tested her resilience. The systems she created then are the foundation of what she teaches now.



Coping Fatigue: What To Do When You’re Exhausted From Having To Be Resilient

The dragging pandemic has had an unprecedented emotional toll on individuals. People are tired of having to be resilient. I call this “Coping Fatigue.” It’s when you’re exhausted from having to be resilient.

While nothing can be done to fix the overall situation, a fresh perspective and better problem solving can make the experience better.

This session will inspire you to feel more hopeful, help you have a greater understanding of the emotional roller coaster that you and the people around you may be experiencing, and will offer some meaningful insights that you can use immediately to feel more empowered.


  • Understand how destructive stress is created and what you can do to reduce feelings of overwhelm and “Coping Fatigue,” even during difficult times.
  • Recognize the different types of challenges we face and how to deal with each more effectively.
  • Feel a sense of control during a time in history that is completely out of your control.
  • Implement easy, proven strategies immediately to inspire a better experience as you navigate challenge and change.

Protecting Your Team’s Well-Being: Leading a Resilient Culture

We’re working in a time of unprecedented, rapid change. Just as your team adjusts to one issue, shifting needs or the marketplace dictate another. Mastering everyday resilience is a proactive step you can take before coping fatigue sets in and your best leaders burn out.

This program addresses the different ways people react to obstacles and shares fresh concepts to inspire you and others to operate in the Resilience-Mastery Zone. You’ll leave with ideas and inspiration to empower a supportive and productive culture that embraces obstacles, minimizes unnecessary stress, and diminishes resistance to change.


  • Leaders will understand the different ways professionals respond to challenges and the benefits / drawbacks of each type of response.
  • Leaders will be able to identify their own and their team members’ resilience style and natural response to issues.
  • Leaders will gain fresh insights into how being “too busy” can hinder their leadership results and what to do about it.
  • Leaders will learn simple leadership tools to empower team members to complain less, do more and be more innovative when solving problems.


*This is best as a follow-up program after a session that includes my foundational framework as a baseline. To choose this as a standalone session, a minimum of 90 minutes will be required.  

Take Back Your Weekends: Stress Less, Do More, Be Happier!

Feel like there’s always too much to do, with too little time and too few resources? Wishing you had more time left for what matters most in your life?

Taking back your weekends refers less to “WHEN” you work, and more about “HOW” you work. It’s about being so ‘in flow’ when you work that you can take guilt-free, refreshing time off whenever you want.

Allison Graham will walk you through her signature framework to fundamentally shift how you relate to challenges and your workload. She’ll show you how to harness good stress and lower destructive, soul-sucking stress while simultaneously increasing outputs per-hour.

The hope is that you’ll leave this session feeling empowered to amplify your daily capacity so that you have more left over at the end of the day for whatever matters most to you!


  • Understand the difference between tasks, obstacles, and adversities and how they feed into each other to empower a feeling of control and hope.
  • How to leverage good stress for optimal performance and diminish destructive stress.
  • How to identify barriers to performance that may unknowingly steal your daily capacity and productivity.

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