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Diaphragmatic Breathing

Everyone is so busy these days which is one reason people give for not being able to meditate.   Many people would like to, but can’t find the time.  That’s why “Diaphragmatic Breathing”  (or “belly breathing”) is so effective. It is a meditative technique that can be done in five minutes or less and can provide you with a sense of feeling centered, calm and relaxed even in such a short time. Here is how to do it:

Lemon Water

We all know we should be drinking adequate amounts of water daily, as our body itself is made up of 70% water.  Water supports weight management, flushes out toxins and sustains energy levels. But plain water is not very appetizing and while naturally flavoured seltzer waters are tasty, the cost adds up (often 0.99 cents a bottle)  if you drink a liter bottle every day.  Filling and refrigerating a pitcher of water with lemon and/or lime slices, however, creates a more flavourful taste for water at a fraction of the cost of bottled flavoured seltzers.    Best of all, after the lemons or limes lose their freshness in the water, you can squeeze the juices from the fruit into salads, smoothies, yogurt, etc. to boost flavour (and vitamin C)

Low Back Pain

Up to 85% of working people can expect to experience low back pain during their lifetime.  (source:   Canadian Chiropractic Association – Canada’s low back pain epidemic – Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA) – Association chiropratique canadienne – Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA) – Association chiropratique canadienne)   One effective way to help relieve the pain is easy to do, requires no learning and requires nothing more than a good pair of shoes.  It’s walking.   Low back muscles in spasm or in pain respond well to endurance activity. Walking is the best endurance activity for low back pain because your back stays in a neutral upright position (neither hunched over like when cycling nor in a rotational motion like when swimming, both of which can exacerbate low back pain).    For maximum benefit swing the arms when walking and for best results, consider learning how to use Nordic Walking Poles which improves posture, aids in stability and burns more calories than regular walking. For more info, click the link below:

2 Reasons Why Walking Is Good for Your Lower Back (

5 Health Risks Women Face After Menopause

Without the protective effects of hormones such as estrogen, women are at an increased risk for heart disease, weight gain, and other health challenges.

Some of the Health Benefits of Nordic Pole Walking

1. Nordic Pole Walking burns up to 46% more calories than regular walking.
2. Increases heart- and cardiovascular training up to 22%.
3. Helps to eliminate back, shoulder and neck pain.
4. Improves upper body mobility.
5. Incorporates 90 % of all body muscles. (Only 40% while walking without poles).
6. Less impact on hip, knee and foot joints.
7. Increases production of “positive” hormones.
8. Supports stress management.
9. Is suitable for everyone of any age of every fitness level.
10. Is social able, easy to learn, fun and allows you to walk 12 months of year indoors or outdoors.

There are approximately 350+ clinical and scientific reports about the health benefits of Nordic Pole walking available in scientific publications.

Here’s to a healthy spring!


Handwriting Analysis: A Precision Evaluation Tool

General Electric, U.S. Steel, and over 3,000 other companies in the United States have adopated handwriting analysis as a valuable personality assessment tool.

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3 Steps to Creating a Purposeful Playlist

Creating a playlist can give vision to our auditory diet. Music can add meaning to moments…and in the case of #MyPlaylist2022 I hope it will support you the whole year through. 

Here are the 3 steps I suggest to making the perfect playlist in 2022

Proactive Living – Developing a Proactive Mindset

You know that saying, “when life gives you lemons; make lemonade?” The lemons represent a difficulty or sourness in our lives and the lemonade represents us making something good out of it.

By: Alan Mallory

How to Setup a Home Office: Working from Home

With the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s safe to say that this past month has felt like a whirlwind. We are all experiencing changes and new challenges to our everyday life with the new laws and regulations in place for us to stay home and to stay safe. 

By: Alan Mallory

Avoiding Distractions While Working From Home

One of the many challenges of working from home (especially if you aren’t accustomed to working from home normally) are distractions. Whether it be your spouse or partner, pets, children, or TV, your house is full of distractions.

By: Alan Mallory