Carl Dixon

Carl Dixon’s stellar rock voice has made him one of the most sought after rock musicians in North America. In 1983, Carl sealed his first international record deal with CONEY HATCH as lead singer, guitarist and songwriter. The Canadian hard rockers opened for Iron Maiden and Judas Priest’s North American tours; also Peter Frampton, Ted Nugent, Accept, Rush, Krokus and many more. Four decades on CONEY HATCH has just signed a new album deal and continues to tour in Canada, US and Europe. Carl’s impressive vocals saw him signed to The Guess Who for eight years after Burton Cummings left the band. Carl also opened for, and toured in, April Wine for four years. 

Carl’s written music for film and television including Jersey Girl, Baywatch, Degrassi, Tornado Hunters, Dawson’s Creek and The Saddle Club. In 2008 a high speed car accident in rural Australia almost killed Carl. That accident left him comatose for 10 days with 52 injuries and a traumatic brain injury. Against the odds he’s returned to music and a career that continues to flourish. His wide playing repertoire is a feature of his seemingly inexhaustible solo show. Carl plays hits from the bands he’s been part of and songs that shaped his teen years in the 1970s. Carl makes one man, one guitar, one voice sound like an entire band.

The Guess Who Alumni band

Carl Dixon Speaker Bio

Carl Dixon is a Canadian rock musician and inspirational speaker.

His career took off opening for Iron Maiden and Judas Priest’s North American tours at age 23 – but his life nearly ended in Australia. As lead singer of The Guess Who, Carl was in a high speed car accident, almost torn to shreds on a remote rural road. Carl Dixon’s incredible survival story, emphasizes that the small decisions we make have life changing consequences. Rescuers believed that with 52 injuries and traumatic brain injury there was no chance of Carl’s survival. Surgeons expected Carl may never walk, talk or even see again let alone play music on the world stage. Carl shares his inspiring lessons learned from standing in front of 20,000 people to not being able to stand at all. Then, to make an incredible recovery. Carl weaves music into the narrative. His talk is suited to any groups wanting to:

• Improve safety
• Inspire renewal after hard times
• Emphasize the value in teamwork.

Carl Dixon's Presentation:

How to Get Back Up – 50 minute keynote

Carl Dixon shares stories, from his rockstar journey across three decades to the tale of his body-mangling MVA, with song performances and brief video clips to illuminate the key points. He takes the audience on an emotional journey with humour, insight and poignancy that will make the listeners think differently about how to meet adversity and undertake reinvention.
He teaches his S.T.A.R.T. formula to help people build Mental Strength, Resilience, Reinvention, Commitment and Focus. *S.T.A.R.T. offers a simple and easy compass to help build or renew.
S.T.A.R.T. is the central philosophy of Carl Dixon’s speech. It’s an idea that came to him in an Australian hospital during months of recovery following his devastating motor vehicle accident. Carl sustained 52 serious injuries including traumatic brain injury. Rescuers and surgeons believed if he survived he would never walk or talk again and he’d likely be blind. Carl’s S.T.A.R.T. is about much more than increasing performance in the workplace. Cause and effect… people who are more inspired, aware and committed will naturally be more productive.
Carl takes your audience on an emotional journey that will make them think differently about adversity.
Carl Dixon’s credentials backup every word of his talk. He made a career navigating the peaks and valleys of one of the toughest professions. From one milestone and achievement after another, in spite of heartbreaks and huge setbacks, Carl Dixon has the wisdom and experience to share deep insights on getting through hard times. Carl was assessed as having a 75% loss of ability following his accident and brain injury, yet he flourishes today. His showmanship and open candour bring a compelling energy to the speaker platform.

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