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Jennifer Buchanan is a health entrepreneur in the truest sense of the word. Since she became a certified music therapist almost three decades ago, the music therapy industry has shifted from not being a recognized industry at all to becoming a legislated profession. As a leading expert, Buchanan has served hundreds of organizations with her team at JB Music Therapy, which she founded in 1991.

JB Music Therapy has thrice been nominated for the Community Impact Award by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce. Jennifer is also the former president of the Canadian Association of Music Therapists (1998-2001, 2013-2015). She is recognized as an esteemed leader in bridging academic research in music, medicine and the public.

Jennifer has appeared in many media outlets and presented internationally to numerous education, healthcare and government organizations. She is the author of  Wellness Incorporated: Leading a Business that Makes a Difference and Tune In: A Music Therapy Approach to Life and is currently on the board of directors with the Famous 5 Foundation.



TUNE IN: How to Use Music to Transform Organizations One Note at a Time

In our age of unyielding distractions and persistent disruptions, often to the detriment of our health, there is a simple yet incredibly powerful tool that we have not fully leveraged – music.

As one of Canada’s leading trailblazers and experts in music therapy, Jennifer Buchanan bridges the gap between the academic research and the public in a humorous, warm and insightful way.

Jennifer believes that when we experience the right music, in the right way, transformation can happen – improved productivity, a boost in mood, enhanced performance, reduction in stress and stronger team engagement.

Like music, Jennifer’s Tune In message is universal – it reaches people worldwide regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or location. No matter what kind of organization—a private practice, a small company or a large corporation—managers and employees at all levels will learn to Tune In to a better organization by becoming more collaborative, creative and productive.

This “keynote” experience is sure to open or close your convention on a high note.



Inspiration and music ignite in this transformational presentation, taking people from feeling ‘tuned out’ – to feeling ‘tuned in’.

Jennifer has been fortunate to work with many organizations who serve children and adults facing trauma, depression, grief, addiction and more. Despite feeling lost or broken, music provided many people with the opportunity to express their emotions and to experience the necessary feelings of safety, peace and comfort they crave.

Using stories, science, and strategies Jennifer’s presentation delivers insights into:

  • using music to finding greater meaning in our lives
  • using music to be happier throughout the day
  • boosting mood and reducing stress and;
  • restoring overall health

Jennifer believes we all need help at points in our lives and music, at many times, can be the perfect friend to help us say the words that are often too difficult to say.

MUSIC FOR AGING WELL – A Sound Connection for Wellness

Explore the science, interventions, and perspectives of using music throughout our later life. Music memory is deep seated in the brain and is protected from many signs of aging, including significant neurological changes. Through the use of stories and demonstrations you will gain knowledge and strategies for using music for greater wellness at home, in retirement communities, and long term care.

Music has the capacity to overcome physical and cognitive limitations and encourage engagement and interaction, offering a new form of communication to those who, either gradually or suddenly, are overcome by an unwelcome and disruptive challenges.

Music Therapy is proven to be effective even for people who have not responded or are resistant to other treatment approaches. Music calms and soothes the mind and enhances cognitive processes. Overall, Music Therapy can give everyone an opportunity to maintain or improve their physical, mental, cognitive and psychological functions.


Tune In to Music

Transform Lives One Note at a Time

We are inundated with distractions and disruptions, yet there is a simple and powerful tool that can connect us together and improve our health – music.

Features of this presentation:

  1. Learn how music can improve mood, memory and motivation.
  2. Hear inspirational case studies that amplify the amazing work happening at the intersection of music, health, and neuroscience.
  3. Leave with a better understanding of how music affects your actions and improves relationships.

This presentation is best suited for:

  • Healthcare Professionals and Para-Professionals
  • Teachers and Educational Assistants
  • HR Managers
  • Charity and Non-Profit Leadership

As one of Canada’s leading trailblazers and experts in music therapy, Jennifer Buchanan bridges the gap between the science of music and the value of music in an inspiring, warm and insightful way. 

Jennifer demonstrates that when we experience music in the right way, transformation can and does happen. Music can improve productivity, boost mood, enhance performance, reduce stress and strengthen relationships.

Like music, Jennifer’s Tune In message is universal – it reaches people worldwide regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or location. Through real life examples, Jennifer will transform the way you think of music, how you use it, and when you share it.

No matter what kind of organization you belong to, whether you are a manager or employee, a healthcare professional or patient, the Tune In keynote will engage you and the entire audience, ensuring your conference experience is truly memorable – and musical.

Wellness Incorporated

Leading a Business the Makes a Difference

What would my business look like if it was good for my client, my community, and me?  This is the ultimate question for every entrepreneur who desires to be sustainable AND make a difference.

Features of this presentation:

  • Strengthen your mindset towards your mission, mastery and money.
  • Explore practical strategies on how to grow your business while still helping others.
  • Identify your ‘blisspoint’ and how to use it to guide your next, best decision.

This presentation is best suited for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Healthcare or Wellness Professionals
  • Business Leaders & Executives
  • Health Leaders & Executives

When you step into the role of an  entrepreneur you are essentially claiming your spot as a leader and trailblazer within your specific industry and community. You are passionate about your clients, and you are confident you have the training to help them reach their desired needs and goals. But how about your business and leadership skills?

Drawing on almost 30 years of experience owning and operating an award-winning private healthcare company, one that grew from a single client to thousands, this presentation shares proven ways on how to grow your practice or business so you never stray far from your values and mission.

Wellness Incorporated is for all of us — the emerging private practitioner, the established health entrepreneur and the business leader.  This presentation encourages us to focus a little less on the bottom line and more on the top line – your impact and purpose.

Regardless of your industry or business model, understanding why we do what we do can help drive us to do better.


The Art of Securing Your Health

For many, being good at their job can give them a sense of achievement or satisfaction. But what happens when you are no longer satisfied and feel burned out?  This presentation will help you find the perfect blisspoint, the values-junction that will help you fulfill your purpose and support your desired outcomes in work and life.
Features of this presentation:

  • Get inspired to fight for the health of you and your organization.
  • Learn the values – based ingredients required to find your blisspoint.
  • Gain practical strategies to strengthen these core values and give ease to your decision making.

This presentation is best suited for:

  • Helping Professionals
  • Educational Professionals
  • Healthcare or Wellness Business Owners
  • Business Leaders & Executives
  • Small or Medium Business Owners

Health is not an indulgence nor a trendy pastime; it has to do with taking time to be a human being as well as a human doing.

Blisspoint looks at how the values-junction can be different for every person and every organization – and with almost 30 years of experience running an award-winning healthcare business, Jennifer has learned that finding daily satisfaction, establishing a wellness margin and eliminating bottlenecks are just some of the critical factors that will lead you to optimum wellness for you and your business.

Jennifer will share insights from her most challenging decisions as well as stories that have inspired her along the way – the moments that reminded her that the ‘job’ and ‘herself’ were both worth fighting for. And yours is too.


MUSIC IS MY THERAPY: A Corporate Retreat

When we use music in specific and personalized ways, we can expect many surprising and beneficial outcomes.  Come and learn these techniques from a certified music therapist on how to attain: more memory and brain growth, self-awareness, focus, and inspirational moments.

This full day workshop is meant to be a source of inspiration and a guide for individuals who not only like music but are curious about using music to help them cope with the day-to-day issues in their life that may be causing them stress, unhappiness, even depression. It will be an encouragement to all in finding new ways to connect and feel healthy.

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