About Marilyn Wetston

Marilyn Wetston, The Wardrobe Doctor of Marilyn’s ladies clothing store in Toronto’s Fashion district, host of the”From a Woman’s Perspective” radio show on Zoomer Radio, and co-founder of “The Total Access Centre , has inspiring stories to tell and messages to share.Her life has been shaped by the example of her parents, who were Holocaust survivors, her Auntie Sadie who lived to 104, the people who have taught and mentored her, and the challenges she has overcome throughout her life.

Multi-tasking is not a new concept for Marilyn. She has been a daughter, a wife, a friend, a single parent, a successful entrepreneur, guest speaker and fundraiser.

More about Marilyn:

In her life as the Wardrobe Doctor, Marilyn dresses women so that they do more than just fill their closets with clothing. She has always incorporated the “Personal Stylist” concept into her “Marilyn’s Experience”. Each client learns how to dress their best for their body, personality, and lifestyle, so that they build their image and their confidence.

When Marilyn speaks, she shares true stories that illustrate how women can gain control of their image and communicate positively with their wardrobe. Listeners learn how to evaluate themselves and their clothing, and make the most of the time and money they invest on themselves. She is able to draw on past experiences so others can learn from anecdotes and examples.

Marilyn shares her entrepreneurial skills and experience with women who wish to grow and market themselves and their businesses. She has always and still conducts “Women for Women Events”. As a  speaker,  she provides a Kaleidoscope of messages; when she has finished, you know her, you know more about fashion, personal style, business, meeting challenges and you have tips to help guide you forward in your own life.

Each time Marilyn speaks, she shares the stories of her life and lets her audience in so they can benefit from her life’s experiences and the stories others have shared with her. She never writes a speech. She speaks from her heart and her experience and, in so doing, feels others can be open and sincere and live a fuller life.

As Marilyn ages, she has no desire to retire. She lives every day loving what she does, and thrives by learning from others and sharing her lessons with those who wish to listen and learn. She believes we can all be empowered and take charge of our lives, both personally and professionally, when we seek out expert advice and move forward on the path we feel works best for us.

You do not have to walk a mile in Marilyn’s shoes to grasp how to deal with what life gives you and work towards your dreams, as well as conquer your fears. Marilyn’s wish is help others understand that they are part of the human family and that they can and do make a difference.

We are all unique and yet Marilyn shows us how much we have in common and can share.

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