Myriam Nafte

As a forensic anthropologist, Dr. Myriam Nafte is an active advisor and consultant for criminal casework across North America. She received a Specialized Honors BA in Medical Anthropology from York University, a BEd degree in Science from Brock University, and completed an MA and PhD in Physical Anthropology [Skeletal Biology] at McMaster University. Currently, Myriam is at McMaster University where she’s developing a long-term research project on the changes in dissection anatomy. She is the author of numerous articles and books including Flesh and Bone: An Introduction to Forensic Anthropology; Crime and Measurement: Methods in Forensic Investigation; The Skin of Murder Victims [Editor], and the forthcoming anthology Trophies and Talismans: The Traffic of Human Remains.

Myriam is a highly sought-after and respected speaker, celebrated for her insights on criminal investigations, human adaptation, and diverse forms of communication. Her proficiency in art, forensics, and the history of medicine is underscored by an award-winning career that boasts numerous accolades and recognitions, highlighting her dedication and expertise. Employing clear and accessible language, Myriam effortlessly breaks down intricate subjects, ensuring they resonate with every attendee. Whether she’s delving into the details of forensic science or shedding light on the nuances of human expression, Nafte consistently offers an enlightening and enriching experience for her audience.


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