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Scott Kress is a masterful storyteller, a leadership trainer, an Executive MBA Professor and a life-long mountaineer. He is one of the very few people in the world who has summited Mt Everest. In fact, he has climbed the highest peak on each of the 7 continents plus skied to the South Pole and the North Pole. A feat that fewer than 50 people in history have accomplished. Scott has been adventuring for over 25 years, and in his other life he is a leadership and team performance expert teaching at some of the world’s leading educational institutions. He is uniquely qualified to provide you with insights on how to scale your mountains in business and in life.

Scott’s presentation will contain not only gripping stories from the mountains, but Scott will demonstrate the strategies that have led to both success and failure and how these strategies can be applied to your personal, team and leadership development.



Learning in Thin Air Everest Keynote

What is it that separates success from failure? What allows some leaders and teams to achieve greatness where others stumble? Today’s business environment is more complex than ever and presents a series of mountains, which must all be scaled. While there is always a leader breaking the trail to the top, they cannot do it alone. Great success comes from the synergy of great leadership, teamwork, and personal focus.

This presentation will introduce models and concepts in the areas of leadership, vision, change management, communication, circles of influence, personal accountability, personal drive, team development and goal setting while blending them into an highly engaging, motivational, and entertaining story.

Scott’s keynote can be 60 or 90 minutes in length. The 60-minute version shares the story of Scott’s ascent of Everest and the tools and strategies that created success. In the 90-minute version Scott is able to start with a story of failure and the leadership and team learning came from it. The contrast of the two makes for a very compelling message.



Achieving The Outrageous Keynote

Scott has just returned from a 960km unsupported ski to the South Pole. Scott is now the 7th Canadian to ever accomplish this and one of less than 100 people in history. Along with this achievement comes a new keynote “Achieve the Outrageous”. In this presentation, Scott will share the story of his punishing 44 day expedition across some of the most hostile ground on the planet. As always Scott will punctuate this adventure with learning and application. Whereas his Everest presentation “Learning in Thin Air” has a strong team focus, “Achieve the Outrageous” is aimed at helping the individual within the team perform at their peak. Any company, leadership team, departmental team or individual seeking to achieve a big goal will benefit from this presentation. Scott will share his insights into goal setting, overcoming adversity, perseverance, and so much more. Book this brand new and exciting keynote for your next conference, meeting or event.


Take your next training workshop to a higher level. Scott has revolutionized the training program by blending a motivational keynote and a training workshop. Custom designed for your group, this half- or full-day workshop integrates Scott Kress’ extremely popular keynote with a custom array of activities, models, tools, theories and strategies that meet your learning and development goals. The riveting story makes this workshop highly engaging, and the content makes it valuable to your team and your organization.

Conflict Management
• Conflict Management Workshop

Culture & Diversity
• Learning in Thin Air Keynote
• Building a High Performance Culture Workshop

• The Art of Team Workshop

• Learning in Thin Air Keynote
• Leadership Development Workshop

Men Only
• Learning in Thin Air Keynote

Personal Growth
• Learning in Thin Air Keynote
• Achieve the Outrageous Keynote

• Learning in Thin Air Keynote
• Achieve the Outrageous Keynote

Team Building
• Learning in Thin Air Keynote
• Achieve the Outrageous Keynote

Goal Setting
• Learning in Thin Air Keynote
• Achieve the Outrageous Keynote

Overcoming Challenges
• Learning in Thin Air Keynote
• Achieve the Outrageous Keynote

Change Management
• Learning in Thin Air Keynote


Scott Kress was the opening Key Note for the AceTech Ontario Annual Retreat.  He was a fantastic speaker and, for the first time ever at one of our events, obtained a perfect 5 out of 5 rating from every single one of our attendees that filled out a survey.  His topic was incredibly interesting and his presentation very engaging, both because Scott is an excellent speaker and because his adventures are riveting.  But beyond that he was able to consistently tie back the lessons he learned on the mountains to relevant business concepts relating to personal growth, leadership and team building.  I would highly recommend Scott as a speaker in almost any business environment.  Here are a few comments from AceTech Ontario CEOs in attendance;
• “Entertaining, relevant, and applicable.”
• “Very good speaker and great way to analogize to the business world. 5 out of 5 from me!”
• “5 out of 5 for me, Scott was great, most excellent way to really kick off the conference!!!”
“Both engaging and relevant”
• “5 out of 5!!! Excellent presentation with compelling messages that van actually be used immediately”
• “The personalized book was the icing on the cake.   Very well done, informative and fascinating”
• “Very relevant for me personally and in business”
• “This was a 5 in my opinion. Extremely interesting, thought provoking and an engaging presenter. Just excellent!”

JoAnn Dizy

Executive Director, AceTech Ontario

Scott Kress addressed our conference with his 90 minute keynote message followed up with a workshop designed to apply his presentation content directly to our work environment.  In terms of pure entertainment the presentation was well worth the money we paid.  Scott’s stories kept us riveted.  It was not only what he was saying but it also had a slight physical effect with many of those in attendance.  We really did “feel” what Scott was talking to us about…listening, hearing AND seeing it…his presentation completely touched on a few senses!!

However what I also found very beneficial were the number of takeaways that were perfect segues into vibrant group discussions immediately after.  These discussions led to solid actions that my team and I will be plowing through in the weeks ahead.

I will also say that the way Scott Kress delivers his presentation is really first class.  He does remind me of the “guy next door”…your friend next door…that has a blockbuster not so next door story for you!

In sum…great for the entertainment alone…throw in the group work after and it is a one plus one equals three presentation!

Highly recommended. (except to my competitors…oh what the heck they should experience it too…will make us all better!)”

Ben Kawa

National Director, Sales & Strategic Relationships, First National Financial

As the adage goes… The road is littered with failed or distracted companies loaded with plenty of I-Q, it is often the E-Q that propels success or kills it!  In a life-changing experience, you gain invaluable insights and learn to think differently.  Scott Kress masterfully connects with the audience and navigates them to a place where the audience gains from his breathtaking and harrowing experiences climbing Mt. Everest.  Warning!  Your team will leave with real lessons and valuable takeaways that will give your company the very edge needed to successfully run and grow right past your competitors!

Roger Woolsey

CEO, Million Air Aviation

I recently saw Scott Kress speak for a group based on his “Learning in Thin Air” theme. He was funny, relevant, customized! As a fellow keynote speaker, I was also carefully watching — Scott had a rapt audience who were hanging on every word. Being in the industry, I know that motivational mountain climbers are a dime a dozen when it comes to keynotes. But there aren’t many who combine the exhilarating story of achievement combined with deep, relevant business insight. Scott teaches Leadership for the EMBA and Omnium programs at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, the MBA program at the University of Edinburgh, and other programs that focus on business strategy. His “Learning in Thin Air” keynote isn’t just a story of adventure and daring — it challenges you to think in a unique way about how to align your business and leadership team for all the challenges that the global economy is bringing your way each and every day.

Jim Carroll

Globally recognized Futurist, Trends & Innovation Expert

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