About Susan Sommers

Susan Sommers is an award-winning health and fitness self-care expert, a non-fiction author, an enthusiastic teacher and speaker, and a distance race walker. She is the co-author of two health and fitness books, Power Source for Women: Proven Fitness Strategies, Tools, and Success Stories for Women 45+ (2010) and Love Your Body…Embrace Your Life! (2016); and the author of The Magic of Walking: Your Guide to a Balanced, Purposeful Life (2022).

Susan brings unique personal inspiration to her quest to mentor and educate audiences of all sizes and ages about the life-changing impact of a proper program of health, fitness, and spirituality. She celebrates her journey from a short, overweight child, a cigarette-smoking teen, and a yo-yo dieting adult to entering her first 5k walk race at 59… where she came in first in her age group! Over the past 18 years, she has completed forty walk races from 5k to two 7½ hour Marathons. A dynamic speaker, Susan delivers memorable, moving, and dynamic presentations to audiences internationally and has been featured at a celebration for International Women’s Day in Jaipur,  India, in March, 2015 and on transatlantic cruise ships. . She is a popular Keynote speaker at in-person and online events and leads workshops, courses, and retreats.

Step into your Power!

Are you looking for new strategies, tools, and inspiration to make a lifelong commitment to your mental, spiritual, and physical health and fitness?

Marathoning Woman: Renew, Recharge, and Reimagine:

60- to 90-minute Keynote

In this inspiring Keynote, Susan Sommers shares her story : since she turned 59, Susan has walked 35 races, from 5k to 7 ½ hour Marathons;  the 778 kilometre el Camino de Santiago trail virtually; and six other online races. Susan is an engaging, high-energy, impactful speaker who inspires her audiences through her Marathon story of building resiliency, conquering change, and accelerating success. Susan lives her philosophy of embracing challenges and pushing boundaries to achieve your highest potential. She motivates her audiences to own their power to achieve success in life, health, and business.

Step into Your Power: 4 Session Program OR Weekend Retreat

Join award-winning author, walk Marathoner, and fitness expert Susan Sommers in an exciting 4-session program designed to educate and inspire women of all ages and fitness levels. Discover the life-changing impact of a proper fitness, mental health, and spirituality program and the steps you can take to live a healthy, active life. Each session includes a one-hour workshop and a one-hour walk. All offerings include a copy of Susan Sommers’ latest book, The Magic of Walking: Your Guide to a Balanced, Purposeful Life (2021).

Nourish Your Mind, Body, and Spirit: 5 to 7-Session Program

Discover and implement the strategies and tools that are necessary to transform your life.

Each session, Susan focuses on a different topic and provides participants with the tools and inspiration they need to take charge their health and well-being: Gain the motivation you need to transform your lifestyle; Build your Accountability Team; Analyze your habits and routines and create new ones; Set goals and achieve them; Create an Action Plan and Training Log; Acknowledge and overcome challenges and stay motivated; Celebrate your successes and Set new goals for the future. The program includes group discussions, quizzes, exercises, and Journaling and Vision Board ideas.


For everyone from newbies to seasoned walkers, Susan’s new book and audiobook, The Magic of Walking: Your Guide to a Balanced, Purposeful Life combines Susan Sommers’ lifelong walking and walk race journey with thirty “steps” and photographs that celebrate walking for mental, physical, and spiritual strength and clarity. The book includes Journalling, Vision Boarding, and Photography ideas.

Embrace daily self-care tools for your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being and strategies to build a walking practice for clarity and confidence. The University of Toronto’s Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education and The Art of Living Foundation contributed a variety of evidence-based strategies, tools, exercises, and journaling ideas to the new book.

BOOK REVIEW 4 out of 4 stars [an official OnlineBookClub.org review of “The Magic of Walking: Your Guide to a Balanced, Purposeful Life” by Susan Sommers.] by Michelle Fred » 19 Sep 2021, 11:19.


“Fantastic! A sharp cookie! Motivating! Inspiring! The course is absolutely unique. I’m so happy to have been part of it. I just wish it could have gone on, even just once a month.”

Jeanette Harris

“Liked that this course was designed for women because it had a lot of solid information. Interpersonal exchanges were great!”

Anna Wasyluk

“Very personable. Great at making everyone feel included and heard. Using her own life experiences to explain each part of the session. Made everyone feel comfortable to share.”

Kerry Bell

“What a special person, great attitude, good “stories” shared with us. I appreciate all of the work of the book and this course!”

Diana Draper

“Warm. Welcoming. Lots of information to share with other women.”

Cyvinia Yeung

“Spunky, open, willing to share her experiences to help us to open up and test our own waters.”

Doreen Menake

“Susan wants to provide us with as much information and tips as she can that will improve our lives.”  

Yvonne Cowley

“Susan Sommers’ course is nice because it was for women. We could relate to each other. We made connections with other participants from the course and gained a wealth of information.”            

Valerie Via

“Very interesting. Sharing knowledge helped me to move forward with fitness and not beat myself up.”

Jennie Davey

“Love your website, your PowerPoint also! What an adventure you are on. Very energizing approach. Hope some of that rubs off on me! The Handout is great too. Such a motivator and you keep it simple – which is the hardest thing to do!  Don’t change a thing!’ 

Dr. Pat Comey

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