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When you hire me to speak at your event or conference, you get a legacy professional that is a vibrant, entertaining, game-changing, keynote speaker and author of two profound books with over a quarter of a century in experience.  You also get a Registered Psychotherapist, relationship expert, life coach, author, TV host, media personality (Viral videos with over 600,000 views!) and an award winning, inspirational keynote speaker! Victoria will thrill your audiences with her speaking style and acumen.  

I am a Registered Psychotherapist, relationship expert, life coach, author and keynote speaker. My motto is: Be the hero of your life!  Stop Dimming Your Light! Disrupt what is not working!

For over 25 years I have witnessed the metamorphosis of countless people as they journey toward healthy relationships with themselves and others.  My expertise is in human interrelationships. When we relate in toxic ways, we cannot succeed!  Improving workplace relationship-cultures transforms employee dynamics and improves performance, emotional well being, morale and communication which ultimately affects a company’s bottom line.

Recently I spoke twice at the Karp Lab at for Transformative Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School.

My topics were Unlock Your Brain: Wire Your Brain for Relaxation and Positivity and Stop Dimming Your Light!

Not only did I garner rave reviews, but my participants were deeply impacted by the talks. Here is what they said:

“Super – it was wonderful!!!!, Thx so much for a wonderful session. It was so great to welcome Victoria and her incredible energy into my laboratory for some sessions during Covid.  Much needed eye opening and enlightening experience for all!!!”

J Karp ( Professor of Anesthesia at Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Boston, Massachusetts, United States)

“Thank you so much Victoria!  That was amazing!!!  I have been wanting to open my mind to visualization and meditation and this was an excellent introduction. You are such a presence and very talented. I will definitely keep in touch and thank you again.”

J S. Khoury

Operations Coordinator

Brigham and Women’s Hospital


Victoria’s Credentials:

  • Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario/Registration # 001011
  • Professional member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association since 2005/Member # 9861
  • Bachelor’s Degree from University of Toronto
  • Master’s Degree in Education with a concentration in Psychology from Mount St. Vincent University in Halifax (graduated 2005)


First book, Find Your “Self-Culture”: Moving from Depression and Anxiety to Monumental Self-Acceptance (Massenergy Press) offers a holistic way out of the rabbit hole of depression and anxiety through profound awareness, self-love and acceptance.

Her second book, Connecting: Rewire Your Relationship-Culture (Manor House Publishing) teaches readers how to use brain science to heal multigenerational relationship dysfunction.

Renown author and TV personality, Dini Petty wrote the forward to the book and says:
“This book would have made my journey shorter and easier. It will guide you through your family matrix, into dating in the modern world, how to spot relationship dysfunction from the start and finally lead you into healthy relationships and enduring marriages.”

Recently Victoria was asked to collaborate in a new book called From Trauma to Triumph: Real life stories from 12 powerful women to help you overcome your history and thrive (Heal Yourself First)

We all experience trauma sooner or later. It can be small, repeated events or life-changing in-your-face events. Sometimes it is visible and people can empathize, but so often it is hidden away and we feel all alone and overwhelmed.

A lot of our childhood trauma is ignored, normalized, or wiped from our memory. It does not mean it did not happen, nor does it mean we were unaffected. Every trauma, whether we were still small or whether it happened in our adult years, leaves an impact on us. It is our solemn duty to ourselves to become free from what directs our lives with invisible strings, and to empower ourselves by being fully aware of our own part to play in transforming our challenges into steppingstones that will take us towards thriving.

Some of us are more resilient, seemingly getting through trauma more easily than others. That is not how it really is. It is just that some of us have learned better tools with which to navigate this unpredictable world we live in.

This book is your doorway to finding support, getting to know others who have been through the same experiences as you, and starting to use the tools and insights that moved our authors to new outlooks and abilities. Use this book together with the free worksheet provided, and 12 bonus in-depth conversations with the authors for maximum benefit.

Keynote Topics:

Here Are Some of Victoria’s popular Topics in which she guides adult individuals, couples, and companies as they heroically commit to the overhaul of their lineage and legacy.

Unlock Your Brain: Wire Your Mind for Relaxation and Positivity

Your mind is a dangerous neighbourhood! Left on its own, the brain will always skew toward the negative. It is a vestige of our most primitive self that fuels our “negativity bias”. But it does not need to be that way. In this interactive, experiential seminar, we use brain technology and a key formula for guaranteed change!

Stop Dimming Your Light
As humans we are wired for connection. yet when we grow up in trauma we become wired for protection. We
hide our light. We over protect.
Time to shine. Time to stop dimming the light within. Heal yourself. Heal the planet.

Pain is the Currency You Will Pay for Change & Growth
Are you a comfort junkie? We all love nuzzling into our comfort zones. YET change is the only way to grow… and actually what we need to feel is a small amount of pain in order to avoid even bigger amounts of pain that can devastate your life…. in order to be able to accomplish growth.

The Codependent and the Narcissist: A Match Made in Hell!
Do you recognize this pairing? This is a particularly
difficult match as it is so enmeshed and toxic. It important to recognize this kind of coupling so that you don’t stay in it or get into it if you are dating.

Workshops, Retreats, Seminars:

Time to blow your audiences away! Invite Victoria to speak at your event!
As a seasoned keynote speaker, Victoria entertains, electrifies, educates and inspires every room she speaks in.  Contact Victoria if you are ready for something amazing.

Victoria brings her vast expertise in human interrelationships to help improve a workplace culture. When we relate in toxic ways, we cannot succeed! Improving workplace relationship cultures transforms employee dynamics, leadership styles and improves performance, emotional well being, morale and communication which ultimately affects a company’s bottom line.

Other Keynote Speeches or have Victoria craft a talk, speech, or workshop for your event!

• Key Tools to Get From Overwhelm to Flourishing
• Healthy Leadership Fundamentals: Managing Workplace Interpersonal Relationships
• Rewiring a Toxic Work Culture for Optimal Performance
• Conflict Confidential: The Art of Healthy Conflict in the Workplace
• Workplace Boundaries: The difference between healthy and unhealthy boundaries
• How to Cope With workplace conflict when there are no solutions
• Tools to Manage Personality Conflicts (Managing Egos and Personalities)
• Projecting Family Dynamics onto the workplace relationships
• The Corporate Self Vs. the Family Self
• Teacher Tools for anxiety: For Teachers working with anxious teenagers at school
• The Holistic Anti Anxiety Bootcamp
• Solid Tools to Overcome Procrastination
• Sex is a “Use it Or Lose it” Prospect
• Relationship Rescue 911: The Art of Fighting Fairly at work and in relationships
• Understanding and Healing From the Narcissistic Relationship
• Anxiety! The Ultimate Anti-Anxiety Boot Camp is Here!
• Vulnerability: The Vein of Gold in Relationship healing
• Boundaries: We teach people how to treat us (Good for relationships at home and at work)

Featured In:

Victoria also hosted a cutting edge TV show called Toronto Speaks Relationships in which she digs into topics like:

Dating In the Modern World After 40!

Healthy Divorce: It is Possible!

Long Term Passionate Marriage

Friendships, Expectations and Jealousy Oh My!


“Your talk was fantastically presented with moments of humor, allowing our women to relate ‘honestly to self’ about the facts presented, as we all have relationship issues.  The way you brought these points to the surface was a great benefit to all our women in the room.”  Catherine Anne Clarke CEO International Women’s Day Conference 2016

“Dear Victoria, You did it again and it was a huge success! Your presentation was well thought out, professionally delivered and extremely well received by all attendees.”
Linda Taciano, Intact Insurance

“Her clear easy to follow methodology helped me to identify specific behaviour patterns that I was not aware of in my life journey. Better yet, she offered helpful proven strategies accompanied by a checklist order to create daily positive outcomes!”
Donna Lee Smith, Participant in The Ultimate Life/Balance Bootcamp: Kick Anxiety the Butt Naturally

“I have had the pleasure of booking Victoria Lorient Faibish as a speaker on several occasions. She is always professional, well-prepared, entertaining and informative. We always receive positive feedback from attendees who have enjoyed her presentations“ Working with the “Saboteur” and “Why Holistic Psychotherapy?”. Attendees were also impressed with her qualifications in her areas of expertise. She brings a unique perspective and has an ability to present her topics in a manner that makes it easy to understand.  I look forward to working with Victoria again in the future.”
Lorene Sauro, RHN Director, CAHN-Pro

Here is what some more folks are saying about Victoria Lorient-Faibish!

“I was so impressed with Victoria’s workshop: The Ultimate Life/Balance Bootcamp: Kick Anxiety’s Butt Naturally that I can’t wait for her next workshop! Her clear easy to follow methodology helped me to identify specific behaviour patterns that I was not aware of in my life journey. Better yet, she offered helpful proven strategies accompanied by a checklist order to create daily positive outcomes! It was a humbling experience and I am forever grateful to this amazing woman for her guidance!”

“I’ve been to Victoria Lorient-Faibish MEd’s workshops and she’s pretty fabulous. Realistic, grounded, funny, skilled and present to historical roots, personal experiences and realities in the world that compound anxiety/worry.”

“Victoria’s presentation on “How to Deal with Difficult Clients” was upbeat, informative, entertaining.  Our tour leaders definitely came away with practical skills on how to understand the various personalities which enables them to use strategies to connect with clients in challenging situations.”

“Your keynote was informative and well presented with eye opening information about Relationships.  Your talk was fantastically presented with moments of humor, allowing our women to relate ‘honestly to self’ about the facts presented, as we all have relationship issues.”

“I want to thank you for an amazing talk last night! Our members loved and loved you! It was really engaging with practical tips, just what I hoped for!”

Here are some testimonials taken directly from the evaluation forms:

  • “Victoria is very knowledgeable about the topic and made it comfortable for us to ask questions”
  • “She’s very frank and down to earth”
  • “I love how “real” she is when she speaks about her topic”
  • “She is very personable which made it comfortable for participants to speak up and ask questions. She takes the time to answer them fully and makes the personal connection”
  • “What I liked the most was the Passion of the speaker”
  • “She’s honest, direct and realistic”
  • “She’s inspiring and entertaining. Very informative and educational.”
  • “We want more!”
  • “She’s engaging and enthusiastic”

Victoria has won speaking awards.

YouTube Channel

Courageous Conversations with Victoria has 3.77K subscribers

And has over 620,000 views and counting!   https://www.youtube.com/c/CourageousConversationswithVictoria

Her website has rich content for exploration: www.visualizationworks.com

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